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Korean Collagen Peptide 250 g

Korean Collagen Peptide 250 g
Korean Collagen Peptide 250 g

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Brand: Club Protein
Product Code: CG-MC-001
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Product Overview

Collagen is a kind of fiber protein which is the animal's bodies most, and is the main element of dermis and connective tissues ans ther is 90% of collagen in the protein which composes bone.  Some collagen, for medical and cosmetics extrated by animal's bones and skins, is the high molecular protein composed by 3 polypeptides in the spiral structure that are about each 100,000 molecular weight.  And those kind of collagen and gelatins are dealt with hydrolysis with some enzymes and lower the molecular weight to 3000-20,000 for the good digestion.  Then we call them collagen peptides which are used for the food companies now.

Fish Collagen Peptide 500 g : Made in Korea   

Expiry Date : May, 2021

Suggested Usage

Mix 5g (approximately 1 teaspoon) into 1 glass of water, fruit juice, milk etc.  Take 1-2 times/day in the morning or 30 mins before sleep

Flavour unflavoured
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Quantity 250 G.