We want to provide people, healthy, natural protein. We personally take our supplements as part of our regime so we are sure of their efficiency. Proteins powders are more and more popular; some people look for their muscle building benefits while others follow a high protein diet for weight loss. Men and women both need protein, it’s important in growth and repair of all cells. As a rule of thumb, the average requirement is calculated based on 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For instance, a 55kg woman would need 44 grams of protein daily. If you are an athlete, your protein requirement will increase.

Product Concept


We have been customers, so we know how hard it is to find good value whey protein in Thailand. It is either overpriced or products without clear nutrition facts. Moreover, we wanted to find protein supplements without any additives, in clear: pure protein. We decided to source the product for ourselves.



Our products have absolutely no additives : no artificials flavors, no colors or sweeteners, no fillers. The whey concentrate is made from 100% whey and contains 80% protein minimum. The soy protein isolate is made wholly from defated soy meal and contains 90% protein minimum.



We sell simpler products with easy to understand nutritions info. The prices are clear, so is the packaging : 1Kg zip pouch for convenience and easy storage. We offer dairy source protein (whey) and vegetarian protein source (soy).Soy protein is 100% lactose free which makes it a perfect choice for lactose intolerant individuals.


All of our products are natural products and unflavored

Best Prices


Thanks to our low margin philosophy, we endeavor to offer the best value for money in town. We sell only online, thus we simply cut out the middle men and you can buy at the lowest price. Free Express delivery in Thailand. No surprise pricing.