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Product Description

Generally, collagen is used in medical care and in cosmetics, it is an extracted in scale. And it is the high molecular protein which is composed by 3 polypeptide in the spiral way and each peptide has about 100,000 molecular weight.
Collagen Peptide changes collagen into a low molecule by a ferment resolution, a digestion absorbance is high, It’s molecular weight is about 1,000~6,000 a powder product, the concentration is around 90~95%, it uses conveniently and has a good absorbing power.

Product Characteristic

– It is turned a low molecule by enzymatic process, so it is a quick absorption in the body and convenient useful to liquid state.
– OH-Pro-line content of amino acids alike that skin collagen of human body, so adaptability excellent than other collagen.
A praline is abundant, so there is a restoration of skin and a function of a moisturizing skill.
– It can enhance a hair, a nail and a toenail for a beauty effect.
– There is a function that it is always maintained an elastic and fresh skin by an activating metabolism of skin and a keeping moisturizing capacity. Therefore, it is able to use in Cosmetics.

Expiry Date : 21 Apr 2023

Mix 5g (approximately 1 teaspoon) into 1 glass of water, fruit juice, milk etc.  Take 1-2 times/day in the morning or 30 mins before sleep

Fish Collagen Peptide : Made in Korea

Protein 95%

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Weight 250 kg